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  • Waterproof Monsoon Shed in Mumbai:
  • Waterproof Monsoon Shed is made from wooden bullies. Roof & side structure made with bamboos & coir ropes, then it covered with waterproof HDPE Tarpaulins, for extra safety black plastic is used on tarpaulins. Our best quality material and experience labor ensures maximum reliability and Solidity to sheds. We undertake total responsibility right from transportation of materials to site & erection of shed to dismantling of shed and taking back material after expiry of contract. A part from this you will get round-the-clock free service from us against any leakage or Damage to our sheds. Being a quality focused firm, we put every possible effort to attain the absolute quality in our product range. For this, we pursue rigorous quality control practices in every area of our business dealings. Regarding this, a team of experts and quality examiners has been appointed to test the products complying with all the required quality norms. In addition to this, latest techniques are followed to ensure the quality of our provided products
  • Features of Monsoon Sheds:

    • Onsite Construction
    • Fastest Erection
    • Zero Maintenance
    • Saves Cost
    • Strong and Durable
    • Flexible and can Relocate easily
    • Wide range of structural options
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